Getting smart home lighting in your home is expensive, with Philips pretty much dominating the market with their rather expensive strip lighting and bulb options.

Thankfully, there are some other options on the market from manufacturers like Qube, who are unveiling new smart lighting strips this week that offer a more affordable way of bringing smart lighting to your home, with WiFi and Bluetooth LE technology for control.

And one of the most interesting to us (aside from the budget price tag) is that is that it doesn’t require any kind of hub to do that.

They can also be integrated with both the Amazon Echo and the IFTTT service, with their own automation controls that allow you to set tasks to enable after certain conditions have been such, such as your smartphone enters the Bluetooth range.

Currently, they are looking for funding on Indiegogo, with shipping set for March of this year. But fantastically, they are only asking for $24 for a 2-meter light strip.

They also wanted to note that their previously funded Qube smart bulbs are now shipping to customers, so you can grab them too today for just $29 on the company’s website.

But if you are here for the lighting strips then be sure to hit that source link below to give it your backing.

Source: Indiegogo

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