Epic Games has this week revealed that the open beta for their Paragon game will kick off soon.

Available for free, the beta will allow gamers who are interested to check out an early stage of the game from Monday, May 30th onwards.

Check out the teaser trailer below for a quick look.

Epic Games explains more:

Paragon is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena video game. The maps featured in the game are symmetrical, and bases are located at the two opposite ends of a map. Players are tasked to defeat their opponents and destroy the core in their base.[2] They can reach their opponents’ bases through the three lanes featured in each map.

Each lane is protected by defensive towers that protect the bases by attacking any incoming enemies that stand within its range automatically.[1] The lanes are surrounded by jungles. Inside the jungle, players can find additional resources for their teams, at the risk of encountering monsters. There are also shadow pads which temporarily hide the players or teleport them back to their base.

Get ready for the next Paragon Free Beta Weekend! From Thursday May 26 to Monday May 30 we’re opening the doors on Paragon to anyone who wants to hit the battlefields of Agora.

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