Today Capcom confirmed that the original Dead Rising games will be making their way to consoles and PC.

As part of this, Capcom will be launching the Dead Rising 1 and 2 games for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for the PC. They will come in the form of the original Dead Rising 1 game, Dead Rising 2 game and the Dead Rising 2 Off The Record expansion.

This comes after Dead Rising was first launched back in 2006, when Dead Rising 1 made its way to the Xbox 360, it also comes ahead of the upcoming release of the next game in the series, Dead Rising 4, which Capcom explained more about with the following:

The player character is Frank West, a photojournalist who sneaks into the fictional town of Willamette, Colorado, which has been quarantined by the military. The main objective of the game is to investigate the Willamette Parkview Mall and complete “Case Files”, missions that advance the storyline and reveal the cause of the zombie outbreak.

The player has three days to do this, at which point a helicopter will arrive to retrieve him. Time passes twelve times faster in-game (i.e. one day in-game is two hours in real time); therefore, the game automatically concludes after six hours of gameplay. If a player fails a mission, it does not end the game, but different actions result in different endings at the end of the 72-hour period.


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