Respawn has today announced what they will be bringing with their third update release for the PC version of Titanfall, with one of the main features being the inclusion of support for up to 144 frames per second gameplay.

Their will also be new access to custom private map settings, which will allow players to set score and time limits, control the games AI, set pilot health, ammo, Titan build times and much more. It’s Respawn’s move towards the competitive gaming community.

For Xbox One gamers there are however no new features or enhancements for the game, well aside from a few bug fixes and tweaks to the game anyway.

One of those tweaks is that players who quit a match before the post-game scoreboard appears will now be penalised with a loss, alongside decreased damage ratings and a decreased area of effect.

Necular Eject will now also do more damage against Titans, and shooting enemy mega turrets or evacuation drop-ships will now reward the player with TItan Build Time or Time Core Charge Time.

For a full list of all the update and enhancements you can expect in the latest Ttanfall update jump overt the official Titanfall website.

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