Microsoft has already unveiled their next-generation console, the Xbox One S and the Xbox Scorpio, however, Sony still has yet to.

They did confirm that it will be called the PlayStation 4K (after its 4K capabilities) and codenamed the PlayStation Neo, however, they have not yet announced more than that.

Today it has been confirmed that Sony will be hosting a press and media event next month, so it is likely that we may hear more soon.

Sony’s “PlayStation Meeting” will be hosted on September 7th, 2016, when we expect that we will hear more about the next-generation console and maybe even a release date.

It is expected that PlayStation VR will be released during October 2016, so it’s is likely that any kind of release date for the PlayStation 4K will be similar, or close to that.

As soon as we hear more about the console, we will let you know about the news.

Via: Business Insider

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