If you are looking to create your own home media streaming services instead of subscribing to one, then Plex is definitely the best option out there, and this week it has got even better as the service has redesigned their iOS app from the ground up to create an entirely new and better experience.

Still providing access to your library of films, TV shows, music and other content both at home and on the go, but in a brand new design that has been focused to work perfectly on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

syncOne of the biggest changes is that it now allows for basic access free of charge, allowing users to control a separate Plex player remotely, or fling photos that are stored on an iOS device to another device.Users can then purchase a Plex Pass subscription to grab the full features that are available.

Those who purchased the original Plex iOS app will instantly get the full features.

The app also has better search and media discovery tools, similar to other Plex apps it allows for filtering by different queries like director, actor or genre, and provides recommendations for what to watch.

There’s also full integration with Rotten Tomatoes in the app, displaying scores given to movies on content pages, as well as the ability to jump between chapters on films.

Plex Sync has also been incorporated in the app, now allowing full playlist syncing, and faster transfer times when dragging content to the device. The app also supports partial syncs now, so if you leave before the sync has completed you will still be able to access all of the files that were successfully downloaded previously.

The app will also run through a mobile version of the Plex media server, offering all of the discovery and filtering services as a server that might run on a PC or NAS.

You can download or upgrade to the new app from today.

Source: Plex

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