The UK Post Office has this week launched their own mobile service for Pay-As-You-Go users, allowing customers to purchase their own sims and “Stay connected around the world with great value mobile roaming”.

As part of their offering, the Post Office will be providing free SIMs for those who reside in the UK, granting them UK calls from just 8p a minute.

In order to do all of this they backpack off the EE network.

Here’s a description of the new service from the Post Office.

Order your free Post Office SIM card and have it delivered to your address within 3 working days. Once you get your SIM, just pop it into any unlocked phone and top-up. Why choose a Post Office Mobile SIM?

– Calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles are just 8p a minute – more about our prices
– Get FREE credit with Double Top-Up
– Great value bundles of minutes, texts and data for even better value
– Keep your mobile number – just tell us online
– Post Office uses EE’s network, the biggest in the UK

You can find out more information about Post Office Mobile at the source link below.

Source: Post Office Mobile

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