Heavy Rain was possibly one of the biggest games to make its way to the PlayStation in the opinion of many, and those people will be very happy to know that it will be making its way to the PlayStation4.

Announced by Quantic Dream today on their Facebook page, a PlayStation 4 version of the Heavy Rain game will be released in March, coming in a bundle that will include both Heavy Rain and the Beyond Two Souls Collection.

Both of these games will be available in both physical and digital version, the physical version won’t be available in North America however.

We also don’t have a price for either yet.

Here are the dates for release:

North America and Latin America

  • Heavy Rain (Digital) – March 1
  • Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection (Retail) – March 1 (Latin America-only)

Europe, Australia, and New Zealand

  • Heavy Rain (Digital) – March 2 (EU) / March 4 (UK)
  • Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection (Retail) – March 2 (EU) / March 4 (UK)

Asia (excluding Japan)

  • Heavy Rain (Digital) – March 2
  • Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls Collection (Retail) – March 2

Source: Facebook (Quantic Dream)

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