Roku has this week announced an update to its streaming stick in the US, designed to deliver a smart TV interface to any TV, the new stick has been updated with an eight-fold processing power boost, dual MIMO wireless and a private listening mode through the Roku app.

This also comes alongside a new operating system update, called Roku OS 7.1.

This new OS adds enhancements to the search and discovery experience by adding a range of new categories in the Roku Feed, allowing users to view popular TV shows and Movies in one place.

You will also be able to add new categories to discover other movies and TV shows, as well as watch these popular movies or TV shows, follow it on the Roku feed to get notifications about it.

Finally, another new feature will allow the Roku Streaming Stick to connect to an app on iPhone or Android to listen to content through headphones.

The new Roku OS 7.1 will be rolled out to all current-generation Roku players through a software update later this month. It is expected to be rolled out to Roku TV models shortly after. However, the private listening mode won’t be supported on older generation devices.

There’s no news yet on when it will be released in the UK.


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