We expect that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 5 at some point later this year, however before that happens they have one last plan to boost the sales of the Galaxy Note 4 ahead of the expected launch.

They are doing this with a new promotion in the US were they will be giving away four Avengers cases with the Galaxy Note 4 smartphone.

All the user has told do is purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

But before you go crazy for a deal, you should check out the specs first, which includes a 5.7 inch Quad HD display that has a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution, a quad-core 2.7GHz Snapdragon 805 processor, an Adreno 420 GPU and 3GB of RAM.

It also features a 3.7 megapixel camera on the front, alongside a 16 megapixel camera on the back.

It also comes with the choice of either 32GB or 64GB of Storage along with Samsung’s S Pen.

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Source Samsung

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