Samsung announced news of the release date of the Samsung Gear 260 at their Developer Conference yesterday, revealing that it will go on sale on April 29th.

The Gear 360 was first announced back in February at Mobile World Congress and is a fully-featured 360-degree camera.

Allowing users to record 360-degree videos and take 360-degree photos via its front and rear lenses, both of which can capture 180 degrees horizontally and vertically, and then combined into a 360 image or video.

if you prefer, it can also be used in a single lens mode.

It records in a 3,840 x 9,120 pixel resolution, and can take 25.9 megapixel photos.

The build has also been designed to be both dust and splash proof.

Despite the camera going on sale tomorrow, we don’t actually know the pricing for the camera just yet, however, we will update you when we do.

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