Google has released the schedule for its Google I/O Developer Conference 2016 this week, listed the first 100 of the talks that will be hosted during the conference.

And from this, we can see that Google is going to have a huge focus on VR during the show, with many of the talks having a VR element.

Here’s Google explanation of the conference:

What are the best ways to optimize battery and memory usage of your apps? How do you create a great app experience that is accessible to everyone, including users with disabilities? How do you build an offline-ready, service-working, app-manifesting, production-ready Progressive Web App using Firebase Hosting? And what are some of the best desserts that start with N? Tune in to Google I/O to get the answers to all of these questions (well, most of them…), along with a whole lot more. You can start planning your schedule now, as the first wave of 100 technical talks just went live at!

It is expected that Google will reveal more information about its next major release during the show, which has been called Android N, and is already available in developer preview.

We also expect to see more updates on Google’s various internet services like maps, search, advertising and more.

You can read more about Google I/O 2016 at the source link.

Source Google

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