A brand new wearable was launched for pre-order this week, called the Senstone, it is a wearable pendant that will allow you to easily take notes right from your wrist.

Senstone does this by allowing you to record voice memos from your wrist, organising them, and then translating them into text to make them easy to search for and read at a later date.

It can be worn as either a bracelet or as a necklace, and features a modular design that is just 29mm in diameter and is available with a range of casings to fit in with your wardrobe.

To record notes, you tap the pendant, and that’s it.

Once recorded it will store the text version of the memo in the app on a smartphone, where it will sync a note to and then organise it either by location or by a set of self-assigned keywords.

It can also record in seven languages.

Notable (the creators of the project) aims to launch Senstone on Kickstarter in November, with the hope of raising $50,000, and then shipping it to backers in Spring of 2017. But before then, you can register your interest at the source link below.

Source: Senstone

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