The Telegraph has this week reported that the UK’s rail network may soon get a contactless card payment option sometime in 2016, following on from the recent introduction of the same technology that was introduced in the Underground, allowing users to pay for tickets online and then use that same debit/ credit card to authorise their journey instead of needing a ticket.

The Telegraph claims that this will work on overground rail by allowing users to simply tap in and out with their back cards, much like the Oyster card on the London Underground, but anywhere within the UK’s railways.

According to the paper, it won’t be quite as easy to use as the London Underground version, requiring users to buy tickets online before they can use contactless payments on the railway. Users would also need to make sure they have the same card they used to pay during their whole journey, making it pretty similar to the normal ticket option, but without having to actually pick up a ticket.

This is according to a spokesperson from the Rail Delivery Group who told The Telegraph the following:

“…we are in the early stages of exploring how passengers could pay for and store tickets on their contactless credit or debit cards. This is part of our wider aim to improve the experience of rail passengers and move towards smarter types of ticket.”

We don’t have official confirmation as to when this might be implemented, however the Department for Transport is said to be in talks with the UK banks and rail companies to see how quickly this could be enabled.

To read more head on over to the source link.

Source: Telegraph

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