Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V launched on the PC earlier this week, but already it has broken the previous Steam concurrent player record for a non Valve created game, news which was announced by Valve today.

Previously the record was held by Skyrim, which saw around 280,000 concurrent users playing the game via Steam at its launch.

GTA V since broke this with a massive 300,452 concurrent players this week.

That said if you include the Valve created games, both of those numbers seem a lot smaller.

Dota 2 has a record of over 777,000 players and CS:GO remains at 450,000.

Despite that it is still a record, but is not the first time Rockstar has since seen success, with the company breaking the record for revenue made from a video game, reaching $1 billion when GTA V first launched for console.

You can download the PC version for yourself from Steam.

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