Just two months after TellTale Games kicked off December with the release of The Walking Dead Season Two, TellTale have released episode two of the second season. Continuing from where we left off in Episode One (if you haven’t yet, read the review for that episode here), “A House Divided” kicks off by reminds us what happened last time, taking us through some of the events that we previously undertook in the last playthrough.

After a quick recap you are thrown right into the deep end, recovering from the events that we finished off on last time, Episode Two starts off with Clementine’s escape from a horde of walkers, jumping right into a few quick time events, you should probably be ready to mash some buttons right from the get go.

Creating more a diverse character for Clem, as the story of Episode Two continues we start to get a better view of Clementine as a character, realising that she is no longer the little girl we seen in Season One, Season Two forces you to watch as she grows in a world she shouldn’t have had to in.

First and only warning, this review will most certainly include spoilers, if you have not yet played Season Two, Episode One/ Two or even any of Season One, we suggest not reading it.

Walking-Dead-season-2-episode-2Alongside the character development of Clem, we also see a few new characters in Episode Two, as well as the development of a few long-standing ones, and about half way through you are forced to make some game-changing decisions, that could mean the life or death of some of the characters around you.It takes about two hours to play through A House Divided, time which does tick by slowly most of time, but does often kick in with some fast-paced moments, developing the stories behind some of the characters we meet in the last episode, we see the introduction of a new camp in episode two, looking for Clementine’s new-found friends, the story escalates into something that quickly becomes a hostage situation.

However it’s not all action, with some old friends reunited, the episode features a bit of remembrance too, getting the player to think back to some of the events that took place in Season One of the game, of course not too much however, as after all it’s The Walking Dead not some 6 hour long chat show.

Combining all of this together, Clem soonfindds out that this accumulation of characters may not be a great thing, increasing the stakes even higher, we are reminded that in this cut-throat Zombie infested climate, anything can go wrong at any point, and it does quite often.At the end of our The Walking Dead Season One: Episode One  review we said that the game needed a little more developing, we felt as if characters couldn’t be invested in enough to care when they are gone (as after all, everyone leaves at some point), however we can now say that this has definitely been fixed with Episode Two, story lines are tighter than either before, and characters feel like you have known them a lifetime (some more than others).

The only thing I would say is that this episode might have lacked a little action, yes there was a lot of action to see, but Clementine was often on the sidelines for most of it, well either that or running away  from it.

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