So far the second season of The Walking Dead has thoroughly excited us, building upon what was created in the first season of the game, The Walking Dead: Season Two has so far took us through a number of emotions, and kept us gripped to our screens as its storyline unfolds.These emotions have been expanded with the reason of the third episode for the second season, called In Harm’s Way, the name really explains what the episode is about, leading off from the events of the second episode, In Harm’s Way takes us to a new environment that puts Clementine right in the center of the action.

Note: There may be some spoilers in this review, if you have not played Season One of The Walking Dead, or yet played the currently available episodes from Season Two, we advice that you do if you don’t want some aspects of the story spoiled for you.

The action packed story kicks off with the movement of Clementine and the rest of her group, leading on from the capture of the group by Telltale’s newest villain, Bill Carver, who is the leader of a separate group of villains, Clementine must make a number of decisions that tests Clem’s overall choices throughout the series.

These choices have been expanded more than ever, forcing you to weigh up choices in order to save the players you feel most strongly about, Clem must once again decide who should live and who should die, with many opportunities to get that completely wrong and completely right.

This is what makes Telltale’s The Walking Dead so good, allowing the player to make these sorts of choices keeps their attention gripped to the storyline that has been set, and honestly I have never been so gripped to a series since the release of this game, and whilst waiting for the next episode to drop I often start thinking about my overall decisions within the series, making the interactions I make a lot more important.

The third episode does this perfectly, with every scene designed to test you as a human.

The sad but great thing is that as we see Clementine grow, we see how she has changed as a person, forced to make decisions that will ultimately decide the fate of other characters in the title, we see a Clem in the third episode, one who is not afraid to make snap decisions for her group anymore, and one who is often accepting situations that eventually might get her killed.

This all escalates dramatically through the episode, ending with what has to be one of the most gruesome scenes I have seen throughout the season, that was ultimately the players snap decision, forced to choose between either option A or option B in just a matter of seconds, will change how you feel about this game as a whole, and keep you wondering about the decision more than any other decision you have made in a game before.

Honestly I am still wondering if option B was the right one to choose, have I done something bad, or have I done something that will change a person’s life?

It’s a decision that I am sure will be wrapping around my head for weeks to come.

All of that is what makes a good story, and despite the lack of player controlled events within In Harm’s Way, I would have to say that this one of the most action packed episodes I have played to date.

All in all, The Walking Dead is a fantastic game, building upon the already great adventures of season one, season two has so far become something that I am both in love with and scared off, and that’s all due to the games gripping story and amazing attention to detail, with every decision changing the way you play the game entirely, season two is hands down one for the gaming hall of fame.

To put it simply, if you haven’t played season one or two of The Walking Dead you should most definitely get to your console or PC and start the download, I promise it will be one of the best purchases you have ever made.

Note: As The Walking Dead game is an episodic adventure we have reviewed the season episode-by-episode, this means that the score we give only reflects that episode in particular and not the series as a whole.

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