If you are getting fed up of WiFi then you might be happy to know that it is about to get a lot faster, as not only will the 802.11d be arriving soon (well at some point anyway), but the Wi-Fi Alliance has today revealed a new spec that will make the web much faster.

Called the 802.11ac wave 2 standard, it promises to double the bandwidth per channel for a huge speed increase, and possibly as much as double the performance, without changing too much about your router.

It will also provide an additional spatial stream, with wider 5GHz channel support and support for MU-MIMO, which lets routers send data to multiple devices at the same time, meaning that you will be less likely to see speed decreases if someone else is hogging all of the bandwidth.

Probably the main thing is that your existing router may already support it, this is because a number of existing 802.11ac routers already support some of the aspects in wave 2, so you might just need a firmware update to get the full new standard on your router.

You can read more about the new standard at the source link.

Source: Wi-Fi

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