It’s been almost a year since the last Final Fantasy game was released (Final Fantasy XIII-2) and any fans of the series are most probably awaiting the next installment, although Final Fantasy XIV doesn’t look like much to look forward to right now. Theatrhythm was released on the 3DS in July and brought a whole new gaming experience to the series with a brand new take on the much loved games. It is safe to say that Final Fantasy has some of the greatest soundtracks in gaming history, with notable epics such as One Winged Angel (Final Fantasy VII). Theatrhythm is a  rhythm game with allows you to tap the touch screen in time to the music in order to battle with your enemies. The beauty of this is that you can listen to your favorite songs from the different games whilst enjoying the gameplay.


Final Fantasy Theatrythm was ported to iOS earlier this week and now allows you to play the game on your iPhone on the go. You can get the game from the Apps Store for free, however this may change in the future. The app store is unclear on what content you will actually receive when you get the game, many games that are free in the app store aren’t the complete content and you have to pay some extra money to unlock all of the game. These games usually contain the word Lite in the title in order to let people know it is not the entire game, however Theatrhythm doesn’t and it can be misleading. When I booted up the game I only had two levels unlocked and I can hoped that more would unlock when I completed these too but I was disappointed when they didn’t. After researching a bit I found that you have to purchase each new level in order to play them. When I first saw the game in the apps store for free I was skeptical as the 3DS version is around £30 and I couldn’t believe that you could get the same thing for free on the iOS.


After some more research I found out that to unlock all the levels and characters in the game, in which to get all of the content you would have to pay over $140! This makes the 3DS version seem like an absolute steal. On the iOS each new level bundle and character will set you back roughly £1.49-£1.99. If you were only going to buy the songs from your favorite game and similarly your favorite character then it is nowhere near as much. Most of the other Final Fantasy games on the app store are around £11.99 which when you think about it you can get Theatrhythm for only a £6 if you were to buy your favorite songs.



Overall if you’re looking for a few minutes of enjoyment by playing the two free available songs then it may be worth a download. The songs available are probably the two most well known in the series, these being ‘One Winged Angel’ and ‘Zanarkand’. The gameplay is enjoyable and even though it didn’t last long I was just happy to hear the soundtrack again. If you’re looking for a bit more than five minutes of enjoyment then it is probably better and way more affordable to buy the 3DS version.

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