Today the official Arduino Foundation announced a new addition to their range of Arduino MKR development boards, the Arduino MKRFOX1200 which they unveiled on Arduino Day in celebration.

It has been designed specifically for Internet of Things (IoT) projects and builds upon Arduino’s previous boards with a GSM antenna that allows users to connect to Sigfox’s messaging system for sending up to 140 messages per day as well as access their cloud platform, webhooks, and APIs.

Arduino has designed it to be used with a range of activities including everything from agriculture all the way up to smart cities.

Nicolas Lesconnec, Head of Developer Relations at Sigfox said the following about it:

“Sigfox loves Makers.”

“Sigfox aims to empowers billions of new IoT solutions. We’re proud to partner with Arduino, the leading open-source electronics platform, to offer the simplest way to connect anything.”

You can pick it up from Arduino’s store today for €35, but before you do, take a quick look at it via the video below.

Source: Arduino Blog



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