A lot of the time you’ll pass a few billboards when driving and a lot of the time you might not notice them. Advertisers have unveiled a new way to take that this week, something they plan to do with new billboards that will change with the speed of traffic.

The billboards are supplied with data from an internet services company named until to do this, allowing a total of eight billboards along the highways of Toronto and Montreal to show tailored messages to suit how fast drivers are travelling.

At the moment, this is just in a testing phase and will only last for a total of five weeks during the summer.

There’s also only a few advertisers on board at the moment, with Danone being one of the first to try it out. During the testing phase they will be displaying four different ads depending on congestion levels with text that includes “Moving right along” and “I’m never getting there!”.

To do this Inrix collects data from a number of navigation systems including ones from Audi, Ford, Volvo, their own app and more. Inrix says that 270 million drivers in a total of 45 countries contribute to this data., In exchange, Inrix uses this data to help government agencies spot crashes and jams, which in turn is uses by navigation apps to show you congestion ahead of time.

It’s quite an interesting idea, that may or may not make the journey to work a little more exciting.

You can read more about it via world’s article below.

Via: Wired

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