We have had some pretty cool products to review here on TechNutty, but not much really compares to the awesome looks of the Thin King card case. Made in Finland the Thin King comes with a design that is sure to impress your friends and still manages to remain practical.

One of its defining features is the fact that this case can not only hold your cards it can also protect them from those RFID scanning thieves. and because this product does come with that thin design you can fit this case into your pocket and forget about it for the rest of the day, mix this with the great choice of design and you have an excellent product.

Available in 8 different colours the Thin King can be purchased in silver, red, pink, gold, champagne, titan, blue or black, currently they also have some designs specially for Christmas, you can check them out and the rest of the colours here.

Thin King 3

Getting back to the review, the Thin King is made from an anodized aluminium which a lot of you may be familiar with as it was used on the new iPhone 5, this makes for a great look and feel, conjoining with all your other gadgetry in any situation, all be it at the pub or in a meeting, I never thought the Thin King felt out-of-place.

Probably the coolest bit of the case though is the internal construction which has been patented and for some unknown reason allows the Thin King to hold between 1-4 cards without ever losing grip, this thing really is something different, I’m still scratching my head trying to think of what the construction could be inside, but to be honest I don’t want to find out, as it helps make the Thin King look even cooler and adds a sense of mystery.

Thin King Box

The Thin King is defiantly the wallet to buy if your worried about your cards security and your fashion sense, the Thin King does all of that in one swoop, with an awesome design and an internal mechanism made from materials you will never really no of, the Thin King is just that something special you need to carry your cards home at night.

There are a couple of things that I had a problem with however, the first is that if you want to get one card out of the Thin King you have to get them all out which can sometimes be a little bit of a pain, alongside this it is impossible to put any notes inside the case so you will have to carry those in your pocket bashing around with your coins.

However this case is meant for those times when you don’t need money or don’t want to take any, such as a night out or just a stroll through London.

You can find out more information and pick up your own Thin King on their website right here where there priced at £29.99.

Thin King also informs us that the wallet can also be purchased from a number of  boutiques including Aria in Islington, Peggs & Son, Stuarts of London and Junx Clothing.

The Thin King was sent to us for review by Thin King themselves but I assure you, all views and opinions within it are my own.

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