According to a memo that was sent to Apple retail employees and picked up by MacRumors, Apple will no longer void your iPhone’s warranty due to a third-party screen repair.

In the memo, MacRumors claimed that Apple wrote that a new policy will be put in place that will require Apple retail stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers to still inspect the device when it has been brought into them, but they would be able to proceed as normal with a repair, even if the screen had been repaired by a third-party, as long as the reason that it needs to be repaired doesn’t relate to the display.

If the third-party display causes the authorized repair to fail or otherwise causes damage to the iPhone during the repair process, the customer will still be required to pay the out-of-warranty cost to resolve the issue, be that replacing the third-party part with an Apple-made part, replacing the device, or anything else.

If the customer does not pay the price they will be turned away from Apple completely, with no AppleCare+ coverage.

That said, if true, it’s still a decent policy as you will no longer be required to pay that outright.

This makes it easier for users to get their device repaired, being able to go pretty much anywhere, instead of being forced to visit an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider, however, you do that at your own risk still.

You should also note that this is not official from Apple just yet, it’ss simply a report from MacRumors, who have also claimed that the changes United States and Canada, as well as various other countries around the world, if you are one of the others then this is something that you should investigate further first.

Source: MacRumors

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