There have been reports that Google has been working on the next Google Glass device since earlier this year, and now 9to5mac has found images of the reported device on the FFC website.

According to reports the next Glass device will be called the Enterprise Edition, and will be aimed at the enterprise market, with improved internal hardware, a brand new design and a hinge system that allows it to fold.

Aside from that, it looks to be pretty similar to the previous Glass device.It is also reported that the device will have an Intel Atom processor, improved battery life, 5GHz WiFi, with the option of an external battery pack, which is said to attach to the device magnetically, and add extra battery life.

The design is also more robust, with a larger prism, and a hinge that has been designed to withstand bumps in the workplace.

Google has also moved the power button to the back of the device, with a new light on the front that turns on when the camera is in use, it is also reported that the new device is waterproof.

According to reports the Google Glass Enterprise Edition will be distributed exclusively through the Glass for Work startups to their partners, we don’t know if Google will sell the device to consumers as of yet.

Thankfully we do get to get a good look at it via these images that were posted on FCC.

Source: FCC

Via: 9to5Mac


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