A new time-lapse animation was released this week compiling of images that were taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft as it flown over Jupiter on May 19th.

These are the closest images that we have received of Jupiter so far, they were taken as the craft passed over Jupiter’s north pole, looking in on the planet to see those wondrous clouds in greater detail. The new video that was released this week shows all of that in a way that takes you on the journey alongside Juno.

Check it out below.

The animation was created by Gerald Eichstädt, a space enthusiast from Germany, and Seán Doran in London. and lasts for about a minute.

It features a total of 31 JunoCam images that are projected onto about 3,000 frames. As we mentioned earlier, these images were captured during the May 19th flyby, which was the fifth time the craft had made the approach.

Juno will take this orbit once every 53 days, so we expect to see many more photos after these.

At which point, we will update you as always.

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