Data roaming charges are probably the most annoying charge from any carrier, and Three know this so in order to provide a better service for their customers they have today launched a new scheme called Fell At Home.

Ditching roaming charges in seven countries, the new scheme will allow you to use your normal data plan in Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Rep Ireland, Austria, Sweden and Denmark with no extra charge.

And yes, that includes their unlimited All You Can Eat data plan, and if you’re not, Three will charge you lower than the normal roaming rate after you go over your packaged rate,

This makes Three the first carrier to offer this kind of service, and even the cheapest, because its free…

The Feel At Home service will kick off from today and will work for anyone on Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go, Mobile broadband or Business plans.

There’s no news yet whether they will be expanding the service to other countries.

Source: Three

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