Microsoft have been adding a number of games to the Xbox One’s backwards compatibility feature for some time now, allowing gamers to play games that were previously only available on the Xbox 360 on the Xbox One.

This week, Microsoft have added three more Xbox 360 games to that line-up.

Xbox’s Major Nelson revealed the details on his blog, where he announced that three more games would be available from October 20th.

These titles include the previously announced addition of the Orange Box game, which contains Half Life 2: Episode 2, Team Fortress 2, and Portal.

The other two titles to join The Orange Box are Galaga Legions and Danger 2: The Movie.

If you have already purchased any of these games on the Xbox 360, they should show up on your Xbox One’s game lineup, however, if you have yet to purchase any of the games you can do so from the Xbox Store.

This comes after Microsoft launched the backwards compatibility feature for the Xbox One back in November 2015, in that time, Microsoft has added over 250 games to the line-up.

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