Three has just announced to us that the new Acer Liquid E2 is now available on their network.

Priced with no upfront cost, the Liquid E2 is available on the carriers 24 month contract plan, which starts at £17 a month for the Ultimate Internet 100 plan, or if you prefer, on the upgraded Ultimate Internet 500 plan for £20 a month, or even The One Plan for £23, which offers all you can eat data.

Also available on Pay As You Go, if you prefer you can also pick the Liquid E2 up for £149.99 with the All in One plan, which offers 30-day access to all you can eat data for £15.

Featuring a 4.5 inch screen, with dual stereo speakers that feature DTS sound, the Liquid E2 is perfect for the everyday user, and with an 8 megapixel camera that features an instant shutter and HD video, its sound pretty good for photo and video taking too.

You can find out more about the Acer Liquid E2 by visiting Three’s website, or by viewing the video below.

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