ThumbsUp are the creator’s of some pretty awesome products ranging from iPhone and iPad cases all the way up to the Mayan Countdown Clock, one of their latest products is the iWallet iPhone 4 and 4S case which they kindly sent us to review.

The iWallet case solves one of ever-present problems, a bulky pocket. We all have it,, with so much tech to carry around with you there’s just not enough room for that bulky wallet anymore.

The iWallet case is basically a wallet attached to an iPhone case, meaning you can lose the wallet after all but still go out with some cash on you.

Probably the best part about the iWallet case, apart from that feature is its design. The case has been made with a sleek carbon fibre effect finish, which makes the material itself soft and nice to hold during the day.

The case also features a magnetic buckle which will keep all of your cards and cash in place whilst you are on the move, on the topic of cards and cash, you can store all of them in this case within any one of its 4 pockets.

There is also a really handy see-through cover on one of the pockets, for items such as your ID, allowing you to easily show it of when needed.

I really liked the idea of the case, and thought it was one we all need at some point. But I’m not sure if it would be something I would use on a daily basis if I’m honest as I found it to be too bulky and I own a lot of cards, but I could see this being really useful if you where going out and didn’t want to take everything with you in fear of losing it.

Their was another couple of problems I had with the case personally however, the first is that the back wallet case covers the camera slightly, so if you don’t move it you end up with this black rim on the bottom of your pictures, the other is that I would have liked to see more of a ridge at the top to help prevent against breakages if you dropped the case.

But I did like the well sized cut outs for all the ports allowing you to easily use the devices ports and buttons as you would without a case.

You can pick up the iWallet case from various major retailers, the cheapest place I found the case was for £14.99 on, which is great since it about £16.99 everywhere else.

Make sure to check out the thumbsUp’s website for more products like this one.

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