Today Facebook opened up ticket orders for its annual F8 conference that was previously confirmed to be set for April 18th until 19th.

Any developers who are interested in attending are able to book tickets for the event, however, they can only apply to be selected.

None of the tickets are guaranteed and you will need to apply for one before February 21st, anyone who gets selected will have to put down $595 for a ticket.

Interestingly, the conference will be in a different location this year as Facebook will be hosting it in San Jose instead of in San Francisco for the first time since the beginning of the conference.

That said, the outcome of the event should still be quite similar to previous years, we expect to see new product features for the Facebook service, with new Facebook APIs and tools for their users.

They have confirmed that there will be more than 50 developer sessions, however, we have not heard anything official about any new features yet.

When we do we will be sure to update you.

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