Tile raised over a million dollars on Kickstarter over three years ago, today they announced an update to that with the announcement of the Tile Slim.

This new Bluetooth tracker can still connect to the Tile app on smartphones, including the crowd-finding feature that pings you when the Tile is out of Bluetooth range.

More interestingly, the Tile Slim is so thin that slides right into your wallet or passport holder, and makes carrying it around a lot more comfortably.

In terms of specs, the Tile Slim measures 54 x 54 x 2.4mm, which is about the size of two credit cards according to Tile. Tile has also changed the design of the Slim, with the Tile logo in the center now doubling as a button, which is mixed with an embossed pattern on the Slim. The back is grey, with a speaker cavity.

The Slim also has four new ringtones, including Bionic Birdie, Classic Call, Pep in your Step and Blues, which comes alongside a redesigned app to match the new branding.

There’s no loop though, meaning you can’t use it as a keychain, that said you can still use the original Tile for that purpose.

The Tile Slim will be available for £30 in the UK, or $30 in the US, or £95/ $100 for a 4-pack. The Slim will also have a guaranteed battery life of a year, however, the app will let you know when you need to replace it.

On top of that, there will also be a reTile discount program that will let you replace your existing Tile for a new one at a discounted rate of £21/$21 instead of £30/$30.

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