Last night Apple’s CEO Tim Cook gave a statement to Bloomberg, revealing that Apple had helped the UK during its investigations into the recent terrorist attacks, mainly the three most recent attacks which include Manchester, and the two bridge attacks in London.

The first of these was the Westminster Bridge attack, which killed 4 (including a police officer) and injured more than 50 people. After that there was the attack on the Ariana Grande concert which resulted in 119 injuries and 22 deaths.

And then there was the attack on Saturday in which, a group of three drove a van into people on London Bridge and continued to commit a number of stabbings, killing 7 and injuring 48.

In all of these attacks, the suspect was either shot by police or was killed as a result of the attack in the case of the Grande concert.

The interesting thing and the reason why we are speaking about this here is that Tim Cook stated that he has been working with the government to help investigate these attacks, which is interesting because Apple doesn’t normally do that, as we know from the US’ attempts.

Tim Cook explained more with the following:

We have been cooperating with the U.K. government not only in law enforcement kind of matters but on some of the attacks. I cannot speak on detail on that. But in cases when we have information and they have gone through the lawful process we don’t just give it but we do it very promptly.

Tim Cook didn’t reveal the exact capacity that Apple helped the UK in, however, it is suspected that they provided data from the iCloud backups of the devices that are associated with the terrorists, which is not end-to-end encrypted so Apple can decrypt that information when presented with the appropriate court order.

This information would reveal much of what the device had on it and possibly help the UK figure out who the terrorists worked with.

Cook did say that Apple was able to provide metadata from the devices, which will provide data about even the fully-encrypted traffic to reveal who contacted who in the case of iMessages.

You can read more at the source link below.

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