Tim Waterstone, who you might recognise as the founder of Waterstones, has today revealed his latest plan to launch the online book streaming site, Read Petite, which will allow users to access and read a wide variety of books for a flat monthly fee.

However, the service will only offer short stories and serialisations online, which actually makes sense, being that most people probably wouldn’t want to read a massive book on their laptop, and is something he explained in his interview with the Daily Telegraph.

“It worked for Dickens and it worked for us. If you are going to read on a laptop, or a smartphone or a tablet, [a short story] is about as much as you want, This is not slush pile publishing. There is an absolutely staggering treasure trove [of material] available.”

Read Petite will feature recognised authors like Graham Greene and Aldous Huxley an will launch at the end of this year, charging users between £5 and £12 a month.

Via: telegraph.co.uk

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