A company called Timber Audio has this week announced the launch of their own Kickstarter project, set to be launched on the crowdfunding platform on June 6th, 2016, it has been created to bring a set of their wooden headphones to market.

Timber Audio say that they have been working on the design of their Prelude headphone for nine months now, in which time they say that they have worked to “perfect their design of an acoustically superior headphone” via its naturally acoustic listening experience from a set of well-designed headphones.

To achieve this great design, Timber Audio have fitted the Prelude out with a wooden accent design and aluminium band, because they use natural wood, no headphone’s design is the same, meaning that neither is their sound, which Timber Audio says will provide added “color to the sound”.


Not only does it have this design, but the headphones include a specifically tuned sound to be natural “with an even balance of lows, mid-range and highs”. They will be available in Maple, Ceder and Walnut, with a 40mm driver, 32 ohm impedance, 20Hz –  20kHz frequency range and will even come with wireless functionality that is powered by a 6,000mAh Lithium-ion rechargeable battery.

Timber Audio will be releasing the Prelude headphones on Kickstarter on June 6th, when they will offer te ability to pledge to the project for up to 50% off the estimated retail value of $198.

They will be looking to achieve $55,000 in funding to get into production, you can sign up for Timber Audio’s mailing list and find out more at timberaudio.us.

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