Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the first DLC pack for Titanfall at PAX East today, called Titanfall Expedition it will be available in May and come with three maps that take place after the Titanfall campaign.

The first map is called Swampland, and will feature a number of tree that pilots can wall run across and hide from Titans, the second is called Runoff, featuring a lot of pipes and water. And finally the second has been titled War Games, which takes place within the area that pilots train within.

Within the DLC, Respawn is also adding the ability to customise titans with decals, as well as the ability to use hash tags in player names, allowing users to coordinate with teammates without having to trade gamertags or make parties, or even be online at the same time.

Respawn also adding a new Private Match mode in a recent patch, adding the ability to play with and against friends and part members, either in a casual manner or in a tournament.

There’s no trailer yet, but there is this poster to get you hyped.


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