TitanFall was probably one of the biggest games to be announced during the E3 games conference, but we haven’t  seen much of yet, until today that is, as the developers have today released a new gameplay trailer alongside some new details about the game.

Here’s the official description from the developer:

“Titanfall delivers fast-paced, near-future warfare that gives you the freedom to fight your way as both elite assault pilots and agile, heavy armored Titans. The Titanfall experience combines heart-pounding multiplayer action with heroic moments from traditional campaign mode. “

Titanfall is currently being developed by Respawn Entertainment and will be published by Electronic Arts for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Titanfall is multiplayer-only, but injects single-player elements such as plot, character chatter, and non-player characters into its matches. The Eurogamer website explains:

“Titanfall’s initially confusing fusion of single-player and multiplayer rekindles memories of Sega’s Vanquish and, going back further, the best of the Star Wars: Battlefront series. But I can’t deny Respawn its claim of innovation. You get a story cutscene as your dropship approaches the battlefield, and, during a match, “heroes”, as Emslie describes them, pop up in windows in the upper corner of the HUD to bark orders and set objectives – an attempt to give the competitive carnage some fantastical meaning. You can follow this story through an entire campaign and play it from both sides.

Outside of campaign multiplayer and inside what would traditionally be viewed as competitive multiplayer, Respawn strips away the story and single-player elements for “full on sport multiplayer”. It’s in this mode that I see Titanfall gaining the most traction, and I suspect both Respawn and publisher EA are hoping the eSports community embraces the game. Given the overwhelming popularity of the MOBA genre in the eSports space, an FPS that borrows lightly from that genre has a great chance of gaining a foothold with professional players.”

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