Titanfall was first released as an Xbox One title, but soon it will be hitting the Xbox 360, something which we are sure a lot of you might be wondering about.

To clear some of the questions asked, Daryl Allison, Sr. Producer at Bluepoint Games, the developers of the Xbox 360 version of Titanfall, today released an update post going through some of the differences, first noting that the Xbox 360 version will still provide “the true experience: all the maps, modes, pilots, titans, weapons, burn cards, you name it”.

However it’s not all the same, and there will be some differences between the Xbox One/ PC versions and the Xbox 360 version, most notably is the fact that the game runs at 30fps, something which mat put a few players off.

If you are not one of those who have been put off however, Titanfall will hit the Xbox 360 on April 8th.

Source: Titanfall News

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