If you haven’t heard of a company called Tivoli Audio, then you probably haven’t been looking in the right places for your new radio, which Tivoli has dominated with some pretty awesome products over these last few years, and now they are updated their line of radios with five brand new ones.

First up is the Tivoli Audio One BT, which as you can guess comes with the same sort of design as the previous Model One, but also packs new Bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to use to stream music from basically any Bluetooth enabled phone or gadget from up to 8 metres away, one of the best parts of this connectivity is that you can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously, all of which for £199.

The Model One isn’t the only device to get the Bluetooth treatment however, as the new Tivoli Audio PAL BT also packs this same capabilities but in a sleek, weatherproof (yes I said weatherproof) design, all for the price of £239.

But if you don’t want a speaker and would like to keep your current one, the Tivoli Audio BlueCon is probably for you, capable of connecting to any device with an auxiliary input wirelessly and only for £99.

They have even launched their own set of headphones named the Tivoli Audio Radio Silenz, which are a pair of over ear headphones which come with active noise cancellation, a muting button for when you in the middle of a chat with someone in the real world and three designs, ash, walnut and cherry. All of which you might have guessed, come in a wood design.

And to go with it all, TIvoli has launched their own radio app which allows the user to stream over a 100 music stations from their iOS or Android device, available free today.

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