It was back in 2011 that we first started TechNutty, with the dream of creating our own independent technology news and reviews site, we began to publish some of our first posts. Back then it was just our founder on the team, Nicholas Griffin, but since then we have added more members to the team and have been able to cover even more than we ever thought we would.

The site has also evolved a lot of the last four years with a total of four different versions, one released every year.

The latest version of TechNutty, 4.0 brought a number of new changes recently including a new design and some new features to allow us to make even better looking articles, with a completely mobile friendly site.

We hope that we can continue working to improve TechNutty over the years to come, and thank all of you for being readers of the site thus far.

The TechNutty Team.

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