I don’t know how you wouldn’t have noticed but earlier today Twitter kinda flopped becoming inaccessible for all web users and anything using their APIs, which Twitter says they found out at about 9:00am PDT, after which they found that it was in fact “a cascading bug in one of our infrastructure components” and not the end of Twitter as we know it, in case you didn’t know (which I didn’t) a cascading bug is a bug which causes a sort fo ripple effect onto elements around the software, hence the ‘cascading’ part.

This happened today and is what caused the Twitter fail, but they managed to fix this fully at 11:08am PDT, which means we can all sleep tight knowing that our Twitter accounts will be there in the morning.

Funnily enough we just found out whilst searching for an image for this post that a group by the name UG Nazi, affiliated with Lulzsec are in fact claiming responsibility for the down time, stating it was a simple DDos attack, the hacker who claims to have done so calls herself Cosmo and says it was “surprisingly simple”.

“It wasn’t really difficult at all, I myself honestly thought Twitter would be more protected from a DDoS Attack, but I guess not,”

“The attack was mainly for the ‘lulz’, it goes to show what we are capable of.”

Was it a hacker? Or just a bug? You decide.

Via [Twitter Blog, The Telegraph]

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