Well as it’s only a month till Christmas I thought I’d share my Christmas list with you guys. I like to get my hands on the newest and best tech and gadgets and Christmas gives me the perfect excuse to get some new ones. Unfortunately Furbies will not be making an appearance, I’ve seen enough of them for one life time.

First thing on my list is an Artificial Jellyfish tank from Red5.com. I had previously looked at the idea of a real jellyfish but they were rather out of my price range. So this artificial tank came as a welcome alternative. On the plus side these tanks require no maintenance or cleaning, added bonus. I was interested in getting a jellyfish tank because some types of jellyfish are bio luminescent and therefore they glow in the dark. Say goodbye to your old retro lava lamp when you could have glow in the dark jellyfish instead! Red5 offer this tank for a quite affordable £39.95, a large margin cheaper than that of a live tank. – Red5 Jellyfish Tank

 ‘a low maintenance pet in the form of the Jellyfish Tank. The fantastic thing about an artificial jellyfish is that they never need feeding, don’t make any mess, and even if they’re neglected for days on end, they will still be as good as the first day you bought them! These artificial jellyfish will fool everyone that sees them as they have realistic movement, gliding them effortlessly round the tank.’ – Red5 

Second item on my list is World of Warcraft Monopoly. I have played the game for over 6 years and counting and am an avid fan, so the thought of a WoW inspired Monopoly caught my eye instantly. With all new chance cards, hand sculpted metal character pieces and an all new board design it is an excellent addition to your collection of WoW memorabilia. Even if you are not a big fan of the Warcraft games you may be appealed by Monopoly. I mean come on, who doesn’t like Monopoly? Blizzard are selling this amazing board game for only £29.99. If this hasn’t got you sold they have also released a video in which you can see the character pieces being made showing the hours upon hours that were put into hand sculpting them and they look incredible, the detail on them is amazing and they are very aesthetically pleasing to play with. The video can be found on the same page as where you can purchase the board game from. A must buy for any WoW fan. – World of Warcraft Monopoly

As I have had my iPhone 4 for over two years and the poor thing has been subjected to several drops and scrapes I have decided I would like a brand new iPhone 5 to replace my old faithful 4. With the right contract you can pick up a handset for around £100 with a pay monthly package. I expect this to the be the must have gadget for Christmas as previous Apple products have shown in the past.

Finally as some of you may know I wrote a review for Halo 4 on Friday and in that I stated I was a massive Halo fan. Well what better way to accompany my copy of the game but a Limited Edition controller from the new Xbox 360 console package. This package contains a custom console with new design and blue led’s back lights  two custom controllers, a headset and a copy of the game itself. However as I already have a console I had no desire to purchase one of these but I was instead extremely interested in the custom controllers which came with it. These controllers have the same theme of design as the console as well as the blue led’s to go with it. Many of these controllers can be found on eBay for a reasonable price (this is where I got mine from) So if you’re interested in getting a good deal you better get looking quickly to avoid disappointment.

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