So today Nick and I picked up a copy of Black Ops 2 to try out and review for you guys. Let me begin by saying I am not impressed. Our first intention was to play through the campaign to review that, however they have removed the ability to play co-operative campaign. So instead we jumped onto multiplayer to give that a go, these are my first thoughts after an hour of gameplay.

I have been playing Call of Duty for years and got to tenth prestige on Modern Warfare 2 after hours of playing online. Not to blow my own horn but I would say this made me at least fairly decent at the game, however this previous ability meant nothing when it came to playing Black Ops 2’s multiplayer. I was instantly met with the ever annoying presence of campers, a player that hid in a room crouched for the entire game killing off anyone who came along. I have never understood campers, why would you pay £40 for a game and then sit in a corner and do nothing every match. It appears to be the same old generic Call of Duty which we all know and love/hate, just with some more futuristic weapons and killstreaks.

My new most hated weapon of the games is the bouncing betty, in World at War and Black Ops 1 this weapon was overlooked as it was highly ineffective. However the new variation of this lethal grenade defiantly doesn’t follow this trend. Every match I played this was the weapon I was killed by the most, hidden behind doorways or in hard to see places it is difficult to notice them until they have blown your face off. The main reason this annoyed me is that it takes no skill to place a bouncing betty and then run off and wait till some unsuspecting person runs into it for a free kill, because that is essentially what it is, a free kill every time you place one.

But enough moaning, there are quite a few redeeming factors to the online. The customisation options have been increased even more, allowing you to customise every possible item and loadout exactly how you wanted, you can even apply paint to your knife now. To my delight they have brought back the customisable emblem option just like they had in the original. This feature allows you to make your own emblem which will appear on your service record and make you unique. I must say that creating an emblem closely resembling a drunk Mr Potato Head was the highlight of my hour playing the game. The killstreaks are actually extremely fun to use, I managed to get a high enough killstreak to get a Dragonfire, which is a remote-controlled quad rotor with a machine gun attached, this allows the player to fly around and annoy people by shooting them in the face with a tiny remote-controlled helicopter.

Now let me just remind you that this is a quick first thoughts post and will not effect my overall review of the game which will come after some gameplay, it would not be fair to base my entire opinion on the multiplayer off only an hours worth of playing. Hopefully my luck will improve and I will be able to get back into the game again.

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