On pretty much every car you will find a port called the ODB or on-board diagnostics, you won’t ever use it unless you take your car for a service, or decided to do a bit of modifying, so it just ends up sitting there, useless. TomTom has decided to change that with a new product called the TomTom Curfer.

Curfer will collect information from your car’s OBD port and report it back yo the Curfer app on you smartphone, from here you can check details about acceleration, braking, idling and corning.

The app will also assess your performance as a driver and let you knwo how you could be driving better, data that TomTom says is based on sound driving practices.

On top of all this, Curfer will also be able to monitor your car’s systems and let you know about your car’s stats that you might not already know.

All in all, it sounds like a pretty cool idea. You can pick one of these up for yourself now for £59.99, or find out more about it via the source link below.

Source: TomTom

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