TomTom made their own announcement during this week’s iPhone Trade Show, promising that they will be bring new HD Traffic to it’s LIVE enabled devices, which will offer precise information about roadworks, road closures and jam locations, helping you to get to your location faster.

Locations of traffic jams on motorways and highways will now be reported five times more accurately then previous versions of the service, which they claim to be 15 times more precise than the industry standard.

TomTom also says there will be more emphasis on keeping track of roadworks and road closures, which they say the service has shown 65 percent more road closures during their in-house tests, when compared to HD Traffic 5.0.

They also said it show roadwork reports 90 percent of the roadwork reports that come from government and journalistic source where corrected automatically.

HD Traffic 6.0 will be available for free as part of TomTom’s LUVE service and will be automatically upgraded to the new version if subscribed with the service already live in Germany and The Netherlands, and will soon launch in 23 more countries, including the UK, before the end of 2012.

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