TomTom has today confirmed the prices for its latest sat nav, the TomTom Go which was first announced back in April, available in three sizes including 4.3, 5 and 6 inch displays.

Each of the sizes will also have their own names, starting with the TomTom Go 400, which will include maps onboard for 45 European countries and will cost £159.99.

The TomTom Go 500 will be available for £189.99 for maps just covering the UK and Ireland, or £199.99 for the entirety of Europe.

Last up is the TomTom Go 600, also available in two options, the UK/ Ireland version will be available for £229.99 and the European version will be priced at £239.99.

And that still isn’t it, you can also get a Smartphone Connected version of each, which will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to access data for real-time traffic, information and speed camera locations. This feature will be upgraded this year however, with a SIM card slot to access this data.

HD Traffic will be included as standard, without the need for a subscription.


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