Today TomTom Sports unveiled their latest fitness tracking wearable.

Called the Touch Cardio, it joins the already existing TomTom Touch, but with a more accessible price tag and features that provides a simple solution to tracking your fitness daily.

The Touch Cardio is capable of measuring the wearer’s heart rate, tracking the number of steps that they have taken, the calories that they have burned, and their sleep and active time patterns.

Aside from that, the Touch Cardio has a similar design to the TomTom Touch, with a slim design that features an OLED display, with 24/7 monitoring capabilities.

The main difference between this and an original Touch wearable is that it doesn’t have a touch button or the far and body composition features.

It can also provide a number of smartwatch related functions, allowing you to view incoming calls and messages on the Cardio, and track data from it right on the TomTom Sports app.

The TomTom Touch Cardio will be available from March for £89.99.

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