TomTom has today announced another activity tracker, called the TomTom Touch, its aim is to take on the rest of the competitor products by showing you more than just your step count.

They are doing this by also providing you with details about your weight by using a body composition monitor, which uses a set of metal sensors on the rear and the matching pad at the top to measure the user’s body fat.

it can work out your body fat by sending an electrical current around your body.

It will then sync to TomTom’s sports app, MySports to show you information about your body composition, your fitness journey, tracked activities and more.

On the top of the Touch there’s also a small display, this will show your status and deliver you selected notifications from your phone onto the wearable.

It also features an optical heart rate sensor to monitor your heart rate.

The TomTom Touch will be available in September for £129.

You can find out more about it and pick it up at the source link.

Source: TomTom

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