Microsoft has this week announced the new features that will be coming to the Xbox One as part of their March update, which will release for Xbox One Preview members from today, and for the Xbox app on Windows 10 for beta members from tomorrow.

The update comes with a ton of new features, but the biggest is further support for the backwards compatibility feature on the Xbox One, allowing users to purchases Xbox 360 games from the Xbox One store, which is a huge deal as previously you would have to download games from the Xbox website.

But that isn’t the only new feature, the update will also come with some new Party Chat features, allowing gamers to broadcast Party Chat through the Twitch application, but completely optional to the user, so if they don’t want to be in the broadcast they can choose to do so but remain in the Party Chat. Microsoft are also increasing the max amount of Party Chat members from 12 to 16.

There is also a new setting to change Party Chat audio to be played through a headset, speakers or both and game DVR recordings now have the ability to record from 15 seconds to up to 5 minutes, instead of just 30 seconds.

Party broadcast

With the update, you will also find you Achievements placed in the guide area, with the inclusion of old and new Xbox 360 achievements, and you will be able to play an entire video from the Activity Feed, with the ability to like whilst it is playing.

And we still haven’t finished yet.

You will also be able to click on a web or YouTube link from the Game Hub and be taken to the content in the web browser or YouTube app, and with this update Avatars have finally made their return, alongside new “needs work” or “avoid me” reputations.

Now that Avatars are back, you’ll be able to line your Xbox persona up against a friend’s, just in case you want to copy their digital spring wear.

You can read the full details at the source link.

Source: Xbox Wire

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