We have been doing the TechNutty Wish List for some time now, listing the gadgets that we think are some of the best month-by-month. This month we are going to be doing the same but we are going to be changing it up a bit with a new title and a new format.

Now dubbed ‘Top tech for under £100’, it will still host a list of what we think are the best gadgets for the month, but for under £100.

So without further ado, here are the gadgets that we think are the best for the month of January 2017, for £100 or below. Here they are:

Mocoro robot cleaning ball

If you have been looking for a robotic cleaner but have been put off by their price tags then this robot cleaning ball might be interesting for you, it’s a round ball that is covering in microfiber fur that will attract dust and dirt around your home. Of course, it won’t clean your house amazingly, but it will be interesting to your cat.


HooToo Shuttle USB-C hub

If you have a new MacBook or another USB-C device then you might want to expand its ports, for which, the HooToo Shuffle is a fantastic option. Featuring a USB-C charging port, HDMI, USB 3.0, and an SD card reader.


Satechi USB-C hub

If you want something more compact than the HooToo Shuffle then Satechi’s USB Type-C hub might be a better option. Designed for the new MacBook Pro, it expands it with USB 3.0 ports, an SD card slot and a microSD card slot.


Multi-colour changing bottle light

If you are looking for something interesting, this might just be it. As a cork-like device, it is designed to change any bottle into a colour-changing marvel.


Aukey colour-changing dimable bedside lamp

Hate bottles? Then Aukkey’s bedside lamp might interest you more than our previous listing, featuring a sleek lamp design that allows you to add some colour chaning functionality to your home with touch controls.


The smartphone magnifier

The smartphone magnifier is a stange but interesting gadget that turns your smartphone sscreen into a retro television, magnifing it up to 8-inches.


Find It

Find it is a simple, small, and lightweight remote tracking device that allows you to find any object that it is attached to over Bluetooth, from pets up to wallets.

BUY FROM RED5 – £12.99

Nano Quadcopter Drone

Drones are very popular today but they are also pretty expensive. This drone is pretty cheap, but still quite interesting as it features a one-key return mode, easy 4-way controls and something called a headless mode.


Misfit Ray fitness tracker

The Misfit Ray is a fitness tracker that has a sleek design as well as a great set of specs with the ability to connect to a smartphone and provide vibration alerts for notifications, along with fitness tracking capabilities.


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