Toshiba has today announced what they claim to be the world’s first SDHC card with NFC built-in.

Available in three sizes that include 8GB, 16GB and 32GB the new Toshiba SDHC card with NFC can be used with an Android smartphone to check your storage or preview the thumbnails from your photos.

This means that you no longer need to plug the card in to find out what’s on it.

In order to do it however you do need an NFC_enabled Android smartphone, however if you do just install the Memory Card Preview app from Toshiba, hold the card over your phones memory tag whilst the app is launched and you are good to go.

Once in preview mode the app will show the available storage space and up to 16 thumbnails of the photos stored on the card.

The new Toshiba SDHC cards will launch in February, no pricing has been announced yet.

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